About Me

This blog is about women in video games. I will discuss their roles in videos, how they are portrayed, and the lore about these women. I choose the topic of women in video games because women are often sexualized and used as side characters. I want to gather information about how they were designed and what their purpose serves in the game. I will state the facts about what roles these women played in the game. Then you can decided how you feel women are being portrayed in video games.img_9082

My name is Emily and I am a college student studying Digital Media. In my free time, I swim, read, and play video games.I got into video games when I was kid, since then video games have been a big part of my life. One of the first games series that started my video game addiction was Final Fantasy. Since then, I started playing role playing games (RPG) such as Elder Scrolls: SkyrimMass EffectDragon Age, and The Witcher. Not only do I play RPGs but I also watch gaming walkthroughs and playthroughs. My favorite YouTuber is TheRadBrad. Since I am a broke college student, I watch people play videos games that I can’t afford or just want to watch the main story unfold.