Emily the First

The next woman I will talk about is Emily Kaldwin from the series Dishonored. I want to discuss Emily because Dishonored 2 came out this past November. Emily is the daughter of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. Emily is a ten-year-old girl when Corvo firsts meets her. During the events of the first game she matures and begins to see that the world around her is a cruel place. Emily trains with Corvo from the first to the second game. She learns to fight and protect herself in case of an emergency especially during the events of Dishonored 2.

In the fist Dishonored game, the player does not play as her but she is an important character. The gamer plays as Corvo Attano who must rescue Emily after she gets kidnapped in the beginning. Emily is very dear to Corvo and it is revealed in the game that she is his daughter. Since Emily looks up to Corvo, his actions shape Emily’s personality. There are two main ways to influence Emily: either go in and kill everyone you come across (high chaos) or try to avoid killing people as much as you can (low chaos). If Corvo kills everyone in his path (video below), Emily starts to draw dark and disturbing images when you interact with her during the game. In the end, she will rule the Isles with an iron fist and Corvo at her side protecting from the chaos around them. In the low chaos ending, Emily will become the empress with Corvo at her side helping her rule fairly. She is known as Emily the Wise and her ruling will bring the death of the Rat Plague to an end.

Emily Kaldwin taken by Emily Angeline

In Dishonored 2 you can choose to play as Corvo Attano or Emily. Fifteen years have passed since the first game and the second. She is not the little girl you once knew and she can take care of herself in a fight. She has matured and became the empress with Corvo’s help. She has taken her role seriously and rules with a firm but just hand. Events spiral out of control and the player, either Corvo or Emily embark on a journey to Karnaca to “take back what’s yours”. If the player chooses Emily, Corvo will be frozen and vise versa. Just like the previous game, high and low chaos endings exist. In the low chaos ending, Emily is known by many tiles such as Emily the Just or Emily the Clever. She rules fairly with Crovo still at her side for many years. In the high chaos ending, Emily is known as Emily the Butcher because she kills anyone that stands in her way. She evens leaves her father frozen at her side as she takes over the Isles.

Emily’s character is shaped by the actions of the player. Therefore, she does not have a set “canon” personality. By having the player choose Emily’s actions and personality, it gives the gamer power and control. Dishonored is not the only game that makes player’s choice important but it is one game that has serious consequences of the player’s actions.