A Cruel World

The Walking Dead the Video Game by Telltale Games is a video game based on the television show and comic The Walking Dead. The video game is not a normal game because the game is released episodically. There are three seasons each with five episodes; each episode lasts from two hours to four hours of gameplay.

One of the main characters that reoccurs throughout the series is Clementine. Clementine is a young girl who Lee takes under his wing when the zombie apocalypse starts in the first season. When the gamer first meets Clem, she an innocent and naïve girl. She does not know how to fight or survive in this harsh world. Lee trains her and tells her how to survive. Clem looks up to Lee and closely watches his actions in the first season. The two grow extremely close and he treats her like a daughter. Unfortunately, events spiral out of control and Clem is forced to kill Lee or let him turn into a walker. The turn of events breaks Clem out of the naïve bubble she was in and forces her to realize that she lives in a harsh world.

In the second season, the gamer plays as Clementine. In this season, she is more mature than the previous season. She is smarter and less naïve about the world around her. She has lost many people in the first season and she knows what loss is like. Therefore, she is hesitant to trust people and knows how to survive without anyone taking care of her. Clem meets new people during this season all of who are questionable and the player must make tough decisions to trust, kill, or spare people. A man that Clem thought died in the first season, comes back and it is the player’s choice if they want to trust or kill him. There are many outcomes at the end of the fifth episode of the season but everyone gets a similar ending with Clem caring for a toddler.

In the third season (which is still ongoing), Clem is finally a teenager. She is the most mature in this season because not only does she have to worry about herself but she has a child with her. This makes her mature faster and she is willing to do anything to protect him. She has become a ruthless killer who spares no one that she does not deem worthy. The player does not have full control of her like season 2 but can influence her actions and decisions. Clem has become a lone wolf and realizes that she does not need to travel with people to survive. Yet, in this season she ends up relying on strangers to get her out of tough situations. She learns to slowly trust these new people.

During these three seasons, Clementine’s character has grown. She has seen what the world has offer and learned from her mistakes. She has grown from a scared, native girl to a tough, harden teenager. No longer did she hide behind Lee, she can fight her own battles and protect the people who are close to her. She will never forget the people who helped her in life it is thanks to them she is alive. Clem continues to be a symbol for a strong, independent, female video game character and that is why I chose to talk about her in my last blog post.